Pentra®-Clean (CR)

Cleaner restorer

Cleaning floors has never been easier. Pentra®-Clean (CR) is a powerful, easy-to-use cleaner restores gloss and durability to floors while also washing away grime, dirt, and any other undesirable materials. This economical product will reduce the amount of labor required in the cleaning process, as well as extend the life of the floor. Formulated to work through an auto scrubber, this product helps remove layers of grime and stubborn soils while simultaneously restoring the top layer of the finish.

20 L Basket
200 L Drum
600 L Tote
1000 L Tote (IBC)



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Pentra®-Clean (CR) cleans floors by cutting through dirt, grime and residue. This cleaner uses reactive Nano-Lithium to harden, protect and restore gloss and durability. Cleaning with Pentra®-Clean (CR) increases the floor’s longevity, reducing maintaince and costly repairs. This product is ideal for cleaning commercial, retail, industrial, and institutional floors.

  • Easily removes dirt and other surface soils
  • Reduces the need for periodic buffing or burnishing
  • Helps resist scuffing, scratching, and water spots
  • Amplifies overall gloss and clarity with Nano-Lithium® technology
  • Leaves no residue that will dull or damage a floor or finish
  • Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI) as “High Traction” under ANSI B101.1 Wet Test

Extends Floor Life

Rejuvenates Surface

Powerful Cleaning


Application Method: Auto-scrubber
Color: Clear
Coverage Rate: Dilute one 60ml PACKAGE per 25 liters of fresh water. (4 oz per 15 gallons of water)
Form: Liquid
Freeze Point: 0ºC (32ºF)
Odor: Slight to none
pH: 11
Shelf Life: 1 year in unopened, sealed container
Specific Gravity: 1.08
Total Solids: 15.10%
VOC Content: <50g/L