Pentra®-Protective Stain (PPS/HG)

Industrial Penetrating Stain and Surface Hardener

Pentra®-Protective Stain (PPS/HG) Industrial Penetrating Colored Stain and High-Gloss Surface Hardener is a polishable, penetrating concrete colored stain that gives the benefits of deep, rich hues and chemically reacts within the pore structure, creating a more durable and abrasion resistant colored substrate. The easy-to-use, water-based product eliminates wait times that you would see with other stains.

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10 L Pail
20 L Basket



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Pentra®-Protective Stain (PPS/HG) is available in 6 standards, in-stock colors. For enhanced protection we recommend an application of Pentra®-Finish (HG), which will help maintain and preserve reflectivity and color vibrancy, minimizing stains and scratching to prolong the life of the stained surface.

  • Polishable
  • Light-Reflective
  • Increases resistance to stains, abrasion, and dusting
  • Fast-Drying
  • Durable
  • Reduces maintenance, cleaning costs, and costly repairs. Simply damp mop or machine scrub

Industrial Penetrating Stain and Surface Hardener


Form: Colored aqueous solution
Total Solids: approx 23%
Active Ingredients: 100% of total solids
Specific Gravity: 1.09
PH: 11.5
Film: Yes
Flash Point: None
V.O.C. Content: Less than 50 g/L
Freeze point: 0º
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
Depth of Surface Penetration: 1-2mm
Shelf Life: 6 months in factory sealed container