Pentra®-Sil (244+)

Salt protection, dust-proofer, hardener, densifier and sealer

Pentra®-Sil (244+) is a premium hardener, densifier and sealer with hydrophobic properties ideal for protecting concrete and masonry surfaces against the damage of winddriven rain, freeze-thaw, moisture, and chloride ion intrusion. Combines the benefits of lithium silicate densification with reactive silicone chemistry to meet the NCHRP 244 standard for chloride protection of concrete in a single application.

20 L Basket
200 L Drum
600 L Tote
1000 L Tote (IBC)



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Pentra®-Sil (244+) is a high-performance lithium hardener, densifier and sealer. It is formulated to protect existing concrete against damage from salt, freeze-thaw, moisture and steel corrosion. Pentra®-Sil (244+) reduces chloride ion intrusion, dustproofs, hardens and fortifies the surface. It is easy to use and VOC compliant.

  • Protects against salt and freeze/thaw damage
  • Hardens, densifies and dust-proofs
  • Easy-to-use, low odor, no rinsing required
  • Defense against water and harmful substances
  • Not susceptible to UV damage
  • Breathable–allows moisture to escape without damage to the surface
  • Penetrates–no film to lift or peel off
  • Reduces efflorescence and surface sweating
  • Does not contribute to surface ASR or promote crazing
  • VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)

Engineered for Parking and Maintenance Facilities

Freeze-thaw Protection

Meets NCHRP 244 Standard for Chloride Intrusion


Application Method: Sprayer
Color: Red tint, dries clear
Coverage Rate: Machine-troweled: 14.7-19.6 m² per liter(600-800 ft² per gallon); Broom-finished: 6.1-8.6 m² per liter (250-350 ft² per gallon)
Film-Forming: No
Form: Liquid
Freeze Point: 0ºC (32ºF)
Odor: Slight to none
pH: 11-12
Shelf Life: 1 year in unopened, sealed container
Specific Gravity: 1.1
Total Solids: 17.1%
VOC Content: <50g/L