Pentra®-Pel (SI)

Surface impregnator with advanced micro-bonding stain protection

PENTRA®-PEL (SI) Surface Impregnator with Advanced Microbonding Stain Protection, hardens, densifies, and seals with its reactive hydrophobic water-repellant properties, providing protection against most stains. Left untreated, water, oils and other liquids can easily penetrate cementitious substrates and natural stone, leaving unwanted stains and stubborn hard to remove deposits that can damage or etch the surface.

20 L Basket
200 L Drum
600 L Tote
1000 L Tote (IBC)



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Pentra®-Pel (SI) is a penetrating lithium stain guard designed for interior or exterior concrete, stone and masonry surfaces. This product creates a protective barrier that resists staining. It densifies, seals, and repels while maintaing breathability and doesn’t alter the appearance of the substrate. Pentra®-Pel (SI) is easy to use and is VOC compliant.

  • Provides a protective barrier that resists staining
  • Hardens, densifies and seals
  • Creates an abrasion resistant surface
  • Protects polished concrete without forming a film
  • Helps prevent freeze/thaw damage
  • Repels water, oil and stains
  • Preserves natural look of the substrate
  • Performs well on natural stone
  • Breathable–allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer
  • VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)

Penetrating Hardener and Sealer

Extremely Hydrophobic

Water-Based, VOC Compliant


Application Method: Sprayer and microfiber pad
Color: Opaque, dries clear
Coverage Rate: Polished concrete: 19.6-24.5 m² per liter (800-1000 ft² per gallon); Machine-troweled: 14.7-19.6 m² per liter (600-800 ft² per gallon); Broom-finished: 6.1-8.6 m² per liter (250-350 ft² per gallon)
Film-Forming: No
Form: Liquid
Freeze Point: 0ºC (32ºF)
Odor: Slight to none
PH: 11-12
Shelf Life: Part A: 1 year in unopened, sealed container; Part B: 1 year in unopened, sealed container; Once mixed, use within one week
Specific Gravity: 1.01
Total Solids: 13.1%
VOC Content: <50g/L